My name is Gordon Brest. I was born in Minnesota and raised as part of a military family. I attended college at Kansas State, where I studied Civil Engineering. I met my future wife there and we were married in her home town of Tonganoxie after I graduated.

I entered the U.S. Air Force and served in various locations around the world as a fighter pilot. While in Germany (1981) my wife became fast friends with another wife in our squadron and rededicated her life to Christ. Later that year, I was saved and baptized in a small Baptist church; all because someone cared enough to invest in us.

Later, we were transferred to southern Florida where we enrolled our oldest daughter in this church group called Awana Club Cubbies. I decided to ‘help out’ later that year. My wife started ‘helping out’ the next year.  We’re still just, ‘helping out’.

We moved to Kansas where I pursued various careers in engineering and manufacturing. My wife stayed at home and home schooled our six children. All of them are now grown, graduated and have started lives of their own, raising their families and serving in their local churches. Their children are also Awana Clubbers. At last count, we had 16 grandchildren!  Family gatherings can be quite overwhelming!

When we returned to Kansas, we also brought Awana Clubs to Tonganoxie. We started the first Awana Clubs in 1985.  Through the years, we have served in various capacities in the churches we belonged to and the Awana Club organization in Kansas/Missouri. One of my greatest joys in my service to the Lord’s work is to see parents who were former Awana Clubbers bring their children and themselves to join us furthering the Gospel through Awana Clubs.

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