Adult Bible Fellowship

Our Adult Bible Fellowship classes meet year round.  They are currently meeting at 8:30am.  A number of our classes are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Classes are located in the upper and lower parts of the building. Our children’s classes are by age, but our adult classes are mixed (we do have a women’s class). 

Our classes are led by gifted teachers, who explain what God’s word means and how to apply it to your life. No matter your age or stage in life, these classes grow you spiritually, help you connect with others and with God. We strongly encourage all members to be part of a class. These classes are where a great deal of discipleship and fellowship take place.

For questions about our current classes, please contact us.

Current Adult Bible Fellowship Offerings:

Class/TeacherAgeLocationCurrent Study
Todd JanssenAll AdultsFellowship Hall1 & 2 Samuel
Blake WatersAll AdultsTrain StationIsaiah

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